Man knifed while walking with toddler on Back Street

POSTED: 12/10/14 6:42 PM

man assaulted 2

The injured man points in the direction where he saw his assailant running while talking to the police. Photo Today / Milton Pieters.

St. Maarten – While one man is currently nursing a gaping wound to his head, his assailant remains at large after a midmorning incident that took place on Back Street yesterday.

The details remains sketchy as to what may have led to the attack but what is clear was that the victim who had his little daughter in his arms was attacked from behind.

According to an eyewitness, the victim was forced to drop the little girl to the ground seconds after he was knifed. The child, oblivious of what had transpired was unharmed and was later consoled by a passerby during the latter stages of the ordeal.

The incident attracted lots of attention along with several police officers, some from the Segway Patrol who were quick to arrive on the scene. The matter is currently receiving the attention of the Detectives Department.

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Man knifed while walking with toddler on Back Street by

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