Man evades capture – Woman arrested in armed robbery

POSTED: 03/19/11 8:34 PM

St. Maarten – Police arrested and detained S.V.R Wednesday for working with her boyfriend in an armed robbery on Touch me not Road in Saunders. The arrest was made following a search of the bushes of the home that had been broken into.

Several patrols, including detectives, were dispatched to the home around 8:00 p.m. They were told the suspects had used a handgun to threaten the victim who told them their assailant had fled into the bushes behind the house.  They began to search the area and while they were able to hear the male suspect, they could not “pinpoint his exact location” in the darkness.

 At a given moment the officers were close and the suspect fired two shots to keep them at bay. No one was hit and police decided to call in the K-9 Unit to assist. That decision led to S.V.R’s capture and the discovery and confiscation of three .22 caliber bullets and a glove.

Once under arrest R. told police that she’d committed the robbery alongside her boyfriend and that he was still hiding in the bushes. The police then called in the fire department to erect lights to aid them in their search for the male suspect. The search was abandoned after two hours without success.

Police have spoken with the victims as well and are continuing their investigation.

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