Man acquitted of ill-treatment

POSTED: 01/11/13 12:17 PM

St. Maarten – Rafael de L.R. left the court with an acquittal to his name yesterday afternoon after prosecutor Georges van den Eshof nor Judge Tamara Tijhuis found legal and convincing evidence that he had ill-treated a man to such an extent on April 30 of last year that he broke his jaw.

The confrontation between the two men was about a silly non-issue: a kite rope. The victim accused the defendant of pushing him, causing him to fall against a door jamb whereupon he had broken his jaw.

But attempts by the prosecution to get a clarification from the plaintiff about the incident failed. “This is a highly unreliable plaintiff,” the prosecutor noted. “There is no support for his claims.” The prosecutor also noted that the plaintiff “loves alcohol” and that this causes him to make a nuisance of himself on a regular basis. “I ask for an acquittal because the evidence in this case goes in all directions,” he concluded.

“If he sustained a broken jaw at all, it does not appear from the file that this is because you pushed him,” Judge Tijhuis told the defendant. “There is no proof and you are acquitted.”

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Man acquitted of ill-treatment by

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