Man accused of planning terrorist attack

POSTED: 08/2/16 9:41 AM

DOESBURG – The 41-year-old man arrested in Doesburg last year was planning to launch an attack on behalf of IS, officials have told local broadcaster Omroep Gelderland. The man, named as Abdel O. is suspected of planning a terrorist attack, the broadcaster said. He was arrested in June 2015 after reports of a conflict in a house in Gelderland. He had left the house on a bike and was hemmed in by the police. He threw away a bag which was later dealt with by explosives experts, although the contents of the bag have never been made public. According to the broadcaster, the bag contained fireworks. The man’s lawyer denies that he supports IS and that he was planning a terrorist attack. O. will appear in court next Tuesday for a preliminary hearing.

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