Majority rejects request to discuss Kingdom resolution on Central Bank

POSTED: 06/8/11 2:01 PM

WILLEMSTAD – A proposal by the PAR faction to add the resolution taken by the Kingdom Council of Ministers on an independent investigation into the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten. The resolution was taken at a June 1 meeting in The Hague that Schotte attended. The committee to be established will have representatives from the Netherlands and Curacao and takes the motion adopted by the Curacao Parliament for the General Auditing Chamber to conduct the investigation into consideration.

PAR’s request has mostly to do with the fact that Minister Piet Hein Donner has informed the Dutch Second Chamber that the investigation will cover both the Central Bank and the government. The faction says it now appears that there will be two investigations – the one at the Central Bank and about the government and one where the government has the Audit Chamber and Supervisory Board of Directors conduct the investigation.

The President of Parliament Ivar Asjes said he would not place the point on the agenda, because the proposal was not submitted in accordance with the procedures found in the Rules of Order. PAR faction leader Pedro Atacho and his colleague Dennis Jackson protested the Chairman’s position, with the latter eventually threatening to take measures.

Eventually given the opportunity to speak Atacho put forward the proposal again, only to have it rejected.

Pueblo Soberano faction leader Helmin Wiels, who harshly protested the resolution, last week, was mild about it now, saying that the government and MPs supporting them were now on one line and called the motion by the PAR a diversionary tactic so MPs would not hear about the Crime Fund.

Faction leader for the MAN faction Eunice Eisden said there is no reason to panic because of the pending evaluation, but that it should be used to send a clear message that colonialism must be halted.


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