Majority criminal defendants in 2011 was born here

POSTED: 01/5/12 12:41 PM

St. Maarten – The notion that our island is flooded with criminals from neighboring islands is only true up to a point, because 57 percent of the names that appeared on schedules for hearings in criminal court last year belong to defendants who were born in St. Maarten or in Saint Martin.

Another 17.7 percent hailed from a host of different countries – ranging from China and Cameroon to St. Lucia, Cuba and the United States.

The largest number of names that appeared on the schedules was from the Dominican Republic (5.4 percent), followed by Dominica (3.9), Curacao (3.4), Haiti (2.9), Guyana and Jamaica (2.7), Aruba (1.9), the Netherlands and Statia (0.9), and Saba (0.2).

The data are based on the court schedules that were used during the 2011 calendar year in the Court in First Instance. The figures are not one hundred percent accurate, because names of defendants may have appeared on more than one court schedule, for instance because their case was postponed.

In absolute numbers, we counted 407 defendants on the schedules: from St. Maarten/St. Martin 232, from elsewhere 72, Dominican republic 22, Dominica 16, Curacao 14, Haiti 12, Guyana and Jamaica 11, Aruba 8, the Netherlands and Statia 4, and Saba 1.

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Majority criminal defendants in 2011 was born here by

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