Maho hosts 2 day job fair

POSTED: 03/17/14 6:35 PM

MAHO—A large group of people seeking employment attended the job fair that was held at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino yesterday morning. *We conduct regular job fairs for positions available within Sonesta Collection – St. Maarten. We interview candidates based on their experience in the field. Once selected, employees are put through courses with management and various trainers to further fine tune their role. We pride ourselves in having a wonderful team at Sonesta Maho and all of our properties,” said publicist Andria Mitsakos.

She pointed out that the Sonesta Group is “continuously looking for exemplary and top performers who know how to deliver in the hospitality industry to work for Sonesta Collection – St. Maarten. We carefully select, recruit and hire our staff, who has the professional experience to offer superior service to our guests and who meet the necessary skills to achieve the tasks of the position.”

“With this in mind, we first review local applicants with our human resources department and proactively search throughout the island using various forums such as participating in job fairs like today.

After a thorough overview of all local applicants, if we are still unable to find a candidate who meets the job qualifications, we then expand our search abroad,” Mitsakos continued. “We follow the legal procedures on all new hires. If they happen to come from abroad and are not legal residents of St. Maarten, we assist them with the legal process to obtain work and residency permits, and only then are they permitted to work. “

Meanwhile, Benefits and Compensational Coordinator Patricia Glasgow-Vlaun in an interview said that the purpose of the job fair is to offer employment opportunities to the community by introducing the different departments at the resort so that they are aware of the different areas of employment that are available. She mentioned that what is being done is “prescreening” since there may be persons who are “exceptional” and could be employed.

One of the requirements is that the persons applying for the vacancy must have the necessary legal documents to work before they are employed, said Glasgow-Vlaun. She noted that on the first day they have seen a number of local residents who are applying and in some cases they are inquiring what the hotel industry is all about.

While the majority of people who have been interviewed are interested in front desk opportunities, a fair number are looking at the food and beverage department and the casino, said Glasgow Vlaun.

“We are always looking for excellent candidates to join our team,” said Kiran Prasher and mentioned that regardless who the person is if they find people who are “stellar or star talent” they will find a place for them at the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort and Casino. “We are keeping our eyes open for candidates who want to grow with us,” she said.



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