Maccow to compete in King of Rumble

POSTED: 09/10/12 12:50 AM

St. Maarten – When Sidney Maccow steps into the ring on September 22 during one of the preliminary bouts in a card that has been dubbed as ‘The King of Rumble’ he will be seeking his second straight win in the amateur arena.

Maccow, who is trained and managed by Albert Adams, aka Jesse Torres at Marci’s Mega Gym won his first bout while making his debut in Barbados in 2011. He will be going up against Justin Gogulski in the light weight division.

In a simple but yet significant ceremony last Saturday, the young boxer got the blessings from Jacinth Bryan-Labega, the second Vice President of the World Boxing Organization and the Vice President of the St Maarten Boxing Association, Erno Labega.

“We are here to show our support for Marci’s Mega Gym in her effort to promote boxing on the island and we are also here to show our commitment for the sport,” Bryan-Labega said.

“I am very happy to see that Marci has started a boxing program with young boys and get boxing on St Maarten back to its former glory. This is a sport that will keep the boys fit and disciplined. The local boxing association is totally behind them in their efforts,” Bryan-Labega said.

She has invited the president of the WBO to visit St Maarten during the month of October. “If all goes well and we can pull that off, it will be a great start for the young boxers who can go on to become regional champions as well as world champions.”

She however realizes that the availability of facilities for boxers to train has always been a problem. “I spoke recently with the minister of sports and we are trying to see how we can manage that. Even if we have to place them in places where other sports are being held.”

The program, which is just about a year old, is fortunate to have the one and only Jesse Torres as its trainer. Torres, whose real name is Albert Adams, is a living legend in St. Maarten/St. Martin boxing. The retired boxer (1984) was once one of the Caribbean’s most feared boxers and proudly represented St. Maarten on numerous occasions with victories too numerous to mention.
After retiring, he decided to put his effort and knowledge into preparing St. Maarten’s next great fighters. He told Teen Times that St. Maarten has many youngsters with the ability, but is short on the people who could get these young fighters to the next level. He explained that a close working relationship was therefore formed with St. Maarten Amateur Boxing Association under the presidency of Bobby Ottley.
The association has the links and contacts that would allow St. Maarten fighters to compete in many of the region’s competitions. In fact, some of the older teen boxers will travel to Barbados in November to compete. “And we also have a packed program for 2012. St. Maarten’s future in boxing is in good hands with these young people,” Jesse said.
Jesse is also training teen boxers Ackiez Arndell and Anthony Philis (both 13) at the gym. He said they are very obedient – one of the criteria to be in the gym and a part of the program in the first place. The rules of boxing are very strict, he said, if you can’t be disciplined in the gym, you probably won’t be disciplined in the ring. “If you’re gonna do your own thing, it’s not gonna happen,” Jesse said.
One of the older youth boxers, 19-year-old USM student Sidney Maccow, heads to Barbados in November. Like his young counterparts, Maccow said he enjoys boxing and has set a goal to become champion one day.

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