Lynch’s boyfriend to Judge of Instruction

POSTED: 02/4/13 2:31 PM

St. Maarten – The boyfriend of disappeared Annmarie Lynch will appear before the Judge of Instruction today. He was arrested on Thursday. Contrary to what this newspaper reported based on information from the prosecutor’s office, the boyfriend, P.W., was not released the same day.
The Judge of Instruction will decide today whether it is warranted to prolong W.’s custody. The arrest has made him a suspect in the disappearance of Lynch, 41.

The woman was working as a salad chef at Pineapple Pete’s restaurant in Simpson Bay, On December 22 she did not show up for work and she has been missing ever since.
The boyfriend took part in a search on December 28. In an article published in today the following day, W. made extensive statements about his whereabouts and about his relationship with Lynch. He denied that the couple had had fights or that it was a money issue. “A lot of what has been published in the papers are lies,” he said at the time.

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