Lookout faces 42 months for role in armed robbery

POSTED: 05/30/13 11:27 AM

St. Maarten – Randy S. is facing a 42-month prison sentence for his alleged involvement in a threat, a burglary and an armed robbery at the Peoples Supermarket on Zagersgut Road. The Court in First Instance will pronounce its verdict on June 19.

Prosecutor Dounia Benammar dismissed the defendant’s claim that he had only been the lookout during the armed robbery and that he would get $50 for his services. During the robbery a firearm was used and a security guard was hit on his head. The prosecution considers S. an accomplice in this crime.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann told the court that he does not like cry-stories and that he would not waste time on the burglary and the threat, because there is sufficient proof against his client.

The robbery he viewed as a different story.”My client has confessed that he was the lookout. But the average delinquent in St. Maarten is not very clever; they operate on the level of Bassie and Adriaan (a well-known Dutch clowns-duo – ed.).We may think something is not logical, but it is still possible,” he said, countering the argument that the defendant had been too close to the supermarket to be just the lookout.

To illustrate his point about the perceived lack of cleverness in local criminals, Mr. Hatzmann referred to a case whereby someone had called Domino’s Pizza from his own cell phone and then robbed the deliveryman upon his arrival with the order of $5.

“My client is at best an accessory to the robbery, not an accomplice,” the attorney said.”There was no joint execution. He was not the mastermind but he function in a subordinate role.”

Attorney Hatzmann suggested that a prison sentence of 2 years with 1 year suspended would do enough justice, also given the fact that the defendant is a first offender.

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