Local St. Maarten DNA-databank fills up

POSTED: 06/26/13 12:12 PM

St. Maarten – Of all Caribbean countries in the Kingdom, St. Maarten has the highest number of DNA-profiles in its databank. This appears from the 2012 annual report of the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The number of stored profiles increased in 2012 from 111 to 153.

The prosecutor’s office submitted 67 cases for DNA-testing to the Dutch Forensic Institute NFI last year.

“When investigators find usable traces at a crime scene it is possible to link them to a suspect through DNA-comparison,” the annual report states. “This way the chance of getting caught increases. In the long term this ought to become visible in the crime statistics.”

Forensic investigators also submit so-called high volume crime-batches to the databank. These are trace evidence from common crimes like burglaries that can be linked to one DNA-profile. “The impact of DNA-matches of this type is significant,” the report states. “Those whose profile is already in the databank can no longer afford to leave biological traces behind at future crime scenes.” Usable traces for DNA-matching are saliva and blood and traces found on clothing.

“As more profiles are entered into the databank the chance of a match increases,” the report notes, adding that this will enable investigators to solve more crimes.

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Local St. Maarten DNA-databank fills up by

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