Local Miss Hibiscus pageant postponed for second time

POSTED: 11/15/12 1:10 PM

St. Maarten – A shroud of mystery hangs over the prospects of St Maarten having a representative in the 22nd edition of the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus Pageant which will take place at the Casino Royale on December 10.

The first pageant to select a queen from a field of five girls on October 27at Port De Plaisance was postponed and if that was not enough frustration for the girls who have been waiting for that night, the second one which was due to take place on November 3 did not take place either.

That did not go down so well with the girls on the night in question and the opinions and views aired by those who had gathered outside the Casino Royale varied, but all fingers were pointed at the pageant holder, Ann Meyers.

“She was supposed to pay $4000 for the use of the stage and she did not even pay down half,” said one frustrated bystander. “That women if a fake, she doesn’t know how to organize a pageant,” said another. But what was common among the views, everybody was disappointed and they had a reason for that.

Attempts to reach Meyers since the last cancellation failed, however, the President of the Miss Caraibes Hibiscus, Patrick Eugene was shocked beyond belief that the pageant was not held.

“I can’t believe it”, was the first words he uttered when contacted by phone early on Sunday morning. “How can Ann Meyers do something like this, she has the franchise for the Miss Hibiscus and there is always a problem,” he blurted out.

According to Eugene, Meyers has been the franchise holder for the past 10 years, but after the recent developments, it looks like things will change for the better. “The last thing she told me before I traveled to Guadeloupe is that the restaurant at the Princess Casino was too small and that was two days before the first show.” Eugene pointed out.

“I don’t know if I will have a delegate to represent Sint Martin/St Maarten, how can she do something like this, she is not well,” he said. But what does this mean for the future of the local Miss Hibiscus Pageants on St Maarten?

Because of the incompetence of one, local girls are robbed of a chance of gracing the stage with 24 other contestants. “I might give the Carnival Committee the franchise or somebody else,” Eugene added.

Eugene was also concerned about the last minute staging of the pageant and was of the opinion that it should have been held months ago and that would have given the eventual winner ample time to focus on what she had to do on the weeks running up to the pageant and the night in question.

“I feel real bad, even Haiti held their pageant to select a queen in September, I don’t think that one will be selected in time. Last year, she just picked up girls last minute, it’s too late now to keep a show.”

By looking at the profiles of the pageants that will be competing for the coveted title, it is expected that whoever wins will be able to represent both sides of the island. “We can’t just send any girl now, this is serious business,” Eugene said.

According to Eugene, in pageants like this, the person selected must not only be attractive and talented, she must also be educated. “This is a huge setback for the island and those five girls spent a lot of time and money to prepare, I just can’t understand this because she does not have to pay for hotels and airline tickets and she was getting the Princess Casino for free plus cocktail, but she said the place was too small.”

“Let me tell you something, too many people on this island want to do things for fame and money, you must have love before. We have to think about St Maarten and I really don’t want to have a show without a contestant from the island,” Eugene said.

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Local Miss Hibiscus pageant postponed for second time by

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