Local foundations and international group partner in community outreach

POSTED: 04/17/12 2:58 PM

The joint team of the Victorious Living Foundation (VLF), its youth wing, Youth to Xtreme (Y2X) and The Walk on Water Ministry pose together after their visit to the St. Martin’s Home Chapel on March 24. (VLF photo)

St. Maarten – Victorious Living Foundation (VLF) and its youth wing, Youth to Xtreme (Y2X) worked with The Walk on Water Ministry that is an outreach ministry aboard Explorer of the Seas donated beds and sheets to the inmates association and band members at the Point Blanche prison on Monday. Dr. Erna Mae Francis met with the inmates and their coordinating officer Norwin Reenis to prepare for the visit and they were reportedly excited about the venture.

Monday’s donation and ministering session is one of several activities the two local organizations and the international ministry. The crew members approached the Victorious Living Foundation in December of last year, after visiting VLF’s web site, with the idea of taking their ministry beyond the confines of their ship and on to land.

“We want  to  make a difference  in  the  lives  of  those  we work  with  and  those  we  come  across on  the  islands; especially on St. Martin,  which  is our  favorite  island on  our  cruises,” the group said.

Denzil Osbourne of The Walk on Water Ministry speaks during a visit to the St. Martin’s Home Chapel on March 24 that is part of a partnership with the Victorious Living Foundation (VLF) and its youth wing, Youth to Xtreme (Y2X). (VLF photo)

The local organizations also plan to do community outreach to the children’s homes, make visits to, connect with and assist seniors with their chores, mentoring possibilities, visiting the schools and having gospel concerts. The overall aim is making a difference in our community.

Next to the prison visit the local group and international ministry touch the lives of residents of the Sister Basilia Center and the senior citizens at the St. Martin’s Home on March 24. The visit, which took place in the St. Martin’s Home Chapel, included signing testimonies and encouraging words. The senior citizens were also honored with a poem by VLF’s visionary Erna Mae Francis that was read by Y2X member Judiana Connor. President of Y2X Chasen Williams gave a heartwarming message of appreciation to the seniors for paving the way for the younger generation, while Denzil Osbourne and Leon Williams of The Walk on Water Ministry shared messages of encouragement. Crew member and one of the co-founders, affectionately known as Sister Mercy, were also moved to dedicate a song to the seniors who were deeply touched by it.

Personally, it was a great experience. I was pleased to see them that happy; jumping, singing songs, raising their hands, etc. What touched me the most was the poem I read ‘Wrinkled hands of Love’ and what Chasen concluded. This experience made me think of the elderly and how much we owe it to them,” Connor stated as she reflected on how she’d been touched by the encounter.

“Our hearts were full; and for most of The Walk on Water team members it was a first, and we are thankful to Dr. Francis for making this great experience a reality,” Leon Williams added.

The local organization and The Walk on Water team have also made an agreement to further explore how young people from St. Maarten can find jobs on cruise ships.

““It requires sacrifice and hard work but the rewards are great if you put your heart into it and plan your future,” Williams said.

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