Local author meets her living idol

POSTED: 06/15/11 1:27 PM

GREAT BAY/THE NETHERLANDS – St. Maarten based author and President of the Beyond Writing Foundation Loekie Morales met Neil Diamond in Rotterdam after a “phenomenal concert” at Ahoy. It was a huge moment for Morales because Diamond is one of her biggest idols.

“He is a phenomenal songwriter, translates feelings into the right melody and fits it with meaningful lyrics. I love his voice, adore the lyrics and the music that goes along with it, and I love to see the man performing. When I noticed that he would give a concert in The Netherlands, I thought, this is my chance to see him live,” the author writes.

There were some challenges in getting a ticket to the show. In fact Morales did not get one until the day of the show – June 11. When the nearly two hour concert ended Morales and other 40-something year olds waited behind barricades, hoping that Diamond would come and meet them. He eventually did come to the barricades and Morales extended her arms is the star’s direction. He eventually took it and she told him she’d flown all the way from the Caribbean. He replied, “You didn’t have to do that, because I’ll be in the Caribbean next week.”

Morales was so overcome by having the chance to meet her idol that she forgot to take a picture with him before he got into his car and left.

“It all happened so quickly. I feel very happy when I look back on this encounter with Neil. That is one experience in my life that I would have never missed. Those memories will live forever,” Morales stated in a press release.

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Comments (3)


  1. John Alexander says:

    This site also reports that Morales is currently on a working visit in the Netherlands : “St. Maarten – Loekie Morales from the Department of Interior and Kingdom Relations (BAK) that falls under the Ministry of General Affairs, is currently in the Netherlands visiting the Cabinet of Minister Plenipotentiary of St. Maarten regarding the development of a European Union (EU) dossier for the country.” Quite a useless trip but I now understand why.  She probably planned this useless “workvisit” to see her Idol. At the taxpayer expense?

  2. Loekie Morales says:

    John Alexander, I really advise you to investigate the facts before making such comments. I have paid my own trip to Holland, and the working days were needed! Nobody is waiting for ‘stemmingmakerij’!

  3. John Alexander says:

    Really? Give me break. How are we suposed to “investigate” that? Maybe you shouldn’t write pressreleases about your private life while on a government business trip. Wie kaatst moet de bal verwachten, meisje.