Livestock owners advised to secure animals

POSTED: 08/12/11 7:12 PM

St. Maarten – The Office of Disaster Management issued a statement Thursday urging livestock owners to review their plans of how they will secure their livestock in the event of a hurricane strike. The release was issued as part of the information campaign highlighting the start of the peak period of the 2011 Atlantic hurricane season.
“Livestock owners should make sure that their animal holding areas and other infrastructure are able to sustain a hurricane strike. Any loose material should be securely fastened in order to avoid damage to property and endangering human lives during the passing of a hurricane,” the release stated.

The Office of Disaster Management and Animals R Friends jointly advise that all cattle should have identification in the form of an ear tag, ear notches, neck chain or microchip. Paperwork should also be in order that shows ownership. Owners should not leave cattle in a barn or stable during a storm as a means to preventing injury from flying debris. If the barn collapses, cattle have no chance to save themselves. It is also recommended that livestock is relocate to a predetermined safe area and ensure that they have access to hay, pasture, clean water, and a safe area or high ground above flood levels.
“Chicken cages, should be reinforced. Medical supplies and a first aid kit should be kept on hand. Store drinking water for a number of days. Also have an adequate supply of feed,” the release concluded.

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Livestock owners advised to secure animals by

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