Lil Roxy set to ramp with top guns

POSTED: 04/4/11 11:59 AM

St. Maarten / By Milton G Pieters – When Roxanne Webster, stage name’ Lil Roxy’ appears on stage in the finals of the 2011 Nagico Calypso competition, she will be seeking to become the first Calypso Queen on St Maarten, a feat long in the making. The six time junior champion was at the top of the eliminations having netted 260 points.

Roxy was the last female calypsonian to sing for the night but as the scores revealed she certainly was not the least. Her instructive tune was entitled ‘Count Your Blessings.’

Friday night’s elimination also seemed to establish a new pattern of youth dominance in the calypso fraternity on St Maarten as Ruminni Rogers, aka’ Young Calix’, who has also been on top in the jr. category, came in second on elimination night, having scored 257 points. He sang Stand Up and drew huge support from sections of the audience.

Looming in the shadows are three Calypsonians who have had their share of glory over the years, both locally and internationally.  Isidore York, aka ‘The Mighty Dow’ finished with 254 points, Keith Carty, aka ‘Repeater’ had 252 points and Alberto Arrindell, aka ‘Fish Da Mega Boss’ had 249.

Andrew Richardson, aka ‘His Majesty Baker Jr’ was the first to make a huge impact on the audience, but after the decision of the judges, he had to settle for the sixth spot with 242 points followed by Charles Stephen, aka ‘Mighty Challenger’ on 239, Kirk Williams, aka ‘Mighty Kirk’ on 230, Lena Brown, aka ‘Lady Emerald’ also on 230 and Selwyn Pogson, aka ‘King Barrow’ on 218. Jasmine Richardson, aka ‘Lady Baker’, who was scheduled to appear failed to show up.

The lyrics may have differed, but they all had one thing in common and that was the freedom to launch lyrical attacks on key government officials and other public figures without fear of reprisals. ‘Lady Emerald’, who was competing for the second time, sent a clear a message to those responsible in her song entitled, ‘Do something for the children’. ‘His Majesty Baker Jr was the first to grab the complete attention of the gathering with his song called, ‘Call Sarah.

And when ‘The Mighty Dow’ came on stage, he solidified his position as one of the front runners with a song called, ‘This Government is the best.’

After the break, the ‘Repeater’ was at his best when he sang a tune entitled, ‘I Do’ a performance which guaranteed him a place in the finals. ‘Fish Da Mega Boss’ said, ‘I must see to it’ and that was enough to propel him to the finals. ‘King Barrow’ the last on stage was able to seal his position into the final with a song entitled ‘For better or worse.’

Standing between the finalists and the coveted title is the defending champion, Kaiso Brat, who will be doing his utmost best to retain his crown and the rights to brag about it for another year.


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