Light Up jump up well attended

POSTED: 04/16/12 12:58 PM

St. Maarten- Not even the rain could have dampened the spirits of the hundreds of revelers that dared the elements to participate in Saturday night’s Light Up jump-up, which was organized by Rio Productions. The jump up went from Le Grand Marche to the Festival Village and not only did people actively participate fans armed with umbrellas also lined the route to catch a glimpse of the participants gyrating to the accompanying music and join the festivities as the procession advanced.

For a cost of $30 per ticket participants received one of the specially designed T Shirts with the words: ‘Rio Productions Lighting Up De Road’ boldly to the front and ‘We ain’t coming in the day, we coming in the night’ at the back. A variety of illuminated fixtures added to the color spectrum on the T Shirts.

The year 2010 was the last time Rio Productions participated in the grand parade that takes place during the day. But in the days leading up to the Light Up jump-up, Brenda Wathey indicated her willingness to make it an annual affair.
The organizers were able to attract some of Wathey’s regular carnival followers that have been with her over the years. The only difference this time is that they did not have to deal with the heat factor, only tiny droplets of water and gyrations from left, right and center.

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