Lifetime Teacher’s Award for Sheila Kelly-Helmen

POSTED: 10/29/12 12:55 PM

St. Maarten(DCOMM) – Ministry Silveria Jacobs hosted the Teachers’ Appreciation Family Fun Day at the Emilio Wilson Park over the weekend.
The day was designed to give teachers’ a much needed day of relaxation, socializing and fun. In addition it was a moment to commend outstanding teachers in the education field by awarding the Lifetime Teacher’s Appreciation Award.
The day started out with a mini sports day for the adults and children. Activities such as hula-hoop, tug of war and hop-in-the-sack races generated a lot of excitement.
Jacobs, the Minister of Education, Culture Youth and Sports took part in the activities together with teachers and children. Les Brown and William Barry coordinated the different sports activities. Musical entertainment was provided by Happen So Massive DJ’s.
Teachers were seen dancing and enjoying the music selections. Besides the sports activities there were bouncing castles for the children. An extensive buffet was prepared for the teachers by Duzon’s catering.
The highlight of the day was the Lifetime Teacher’s Appreciation Award Ceremony. The recipient of the Lifetime Teacher’s Appreciation Award is Sheila Kelly-Helmen. A committee of seasoned educators along with the Secretary General Unesco Marcellia Henry sorted through the 17 nominees provided by school boards and managers.
Among the nominees were Nancy Hodge-Peterson, Henri Brookson, Claire Connor van Zanten, Josianne Artsen-Fleming, Alma Fleming, Stanley Hodge, Jane Buncamper, Marcella Hazel, Mathias Voges, Alvin Rombley, Marva Sam–Arrindell, Gabriel Marlin-Bril, Beryl Lake, Migalda Ilario-Luciano and Soewana Moeslikan-Karta.
Based on elaborate criteria, ranging from years of service, contributions to education, teaching methods and achievements, the aforementioned facilitated the committee in choosing Sheila Kelly-Helmen.
The award was presented to her in recognition of her high educational standards and methods as an educator, commendable educational accomplishments and dedication and ability to inspire the spirit of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities inside and out of the classroom.
Minister Jacobs congratulated and thanked Kelly-Helmen and the nominees for their dedication and service to the community.
Minister Jacobs also took the opportunity to thank the attending teachers for their presence and their hard work.

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