Library focuses on local artists for Black History Month

POSTED: 01/30/13 2:02 PM

St. Maarten —The Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) is hosting its annual Black History Month Celebrations under the theme “Grafting Roots: Passing on the Legacy”.
This year the primary focus will be on the achievements of St. Maarteners in three areas, namely Painting, Dance and Literature. The library’s exhibitions will showcase the passing on of knowledge between the elders and younger generations and how it is imperative to the survival of St. Maarten’s legacy.
According to activity manager Morenika Arrindell each elder who will be highlighted in the exhibitions, has served key roles in sharing talents with the world and in particular the youth of St. Maarten.
“Their contributions have spurred young, talented St. Maarteners to explore their own creativity and have motivated them to consider creating and passing on legacies of their own,” Arrindell said. “Each elder has been paired with a person from a younger generation who has also made steps to create a legacy of her or his own in that same genre.
“So for example Ruby Bute is paired with Lucinda Audain in terms of painting, though this could also have been done in terms of their poetry. Lasana Sekou has been paired with Deborah Drisana Jack for their literary contributions to St. Maarten and Clara Reyes has been paired with her protégée Rudolph Davis,” Arrindell explained.
Bute’s selection for painting comes as a result of her continuous efforts in the preservation of St. Maarten’s culture, through her paintings, as well as her commitment to the mentorship of upcoming artists, are exemplary. Audain selection is a result of her emerging presence as a young, dynamic painter on the St. Maarten art scene. Both the paintings of Bute and Audain will be exhibited for the entire month of February in the library’s lobby.
Audain,  is also the founder of Funtopia, a company geared towards family entertainment, with face and body painting as one of its main services, will be giving free workshops in the library lobby, on Saturdays, February 2 and 9. These workshops cover face and body painting and are open for all persons who are interested in learning the craft. The workshops will briefly highlight the history of face and body painting and its current recognition as an art form. Audain will teach a few of the basic line strokes and promises that all who return for the follow-up session on February 9 are in for a major treat. Audain said she plans to choose a willing participant to serve as the model for a full body painting demonstration.
The public is invited to attend this first installment of the Black History Month Celebrations with the first featured workshop artist, Lucinda Audain, on Saturdays February 2 and 9 from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. For more information contact the Philipsburg Jubilee Library at 542-2970 or email to




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