Letter: You sit in traffic because you want to

POSTED: 11/28/11 7:57 AM

Dear Editor,

In 2012 don’t sit in traffic anymore. At least do not make it a habit. How do you do that? Let me share a secret with you. Where do you need to go?
First of all, envision yourself driving to your destination freely, without any traffic congestion, enjoying the ride and the scenery. Many of us have a problem looking at the bright side of things. All we do all day is complain and focus on all the negatives. Pay attention, what we focus on, expands. If all we can do is focus on and complain about traffic, more traffic we will get.
Secondly, believe it is possible to move around St. Maarten without being stuck in traffic. What we believe, we attract. Our minds will automatically give us hints or solutions to our problems. I have seen people stuck in traffic on one street when they could have been driving freely on a parallel street. And it is all because they believe they have to sit in a traffic jam.
Thirdly, accept the possibility that you can move around anywhere on the island freely, without having to arrive late at your destination or having to harass your soul with anger.
I know it has been a long time since St. Maarten has been free of traffic jams, night or day, but it is possible people. If the solution is more roads, they can be built. If an alternative means of transportation, other than the car will drastically help the situation, then that can be implemented. Nothing is impossible. If in order for these major changes to happen to our traffic situation requires a complete change in the leadership of our country that too can happen. It is all up to you whether you want to sit in a traffic jam or not.
My name is Patricia Varlack and I am a promoter of a traffic congestion free St. Maarten.

Patricia Varlack

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