Letter: Westin Resort generators

POSTED: 07/30/12 1:42 PM

Dear Editor,

In your edition of last Friday, you published an article about the use by the Westin of its generators and how this use is being perceived by its neighbors.
While the whole tenor of this article is not exactly a shining example of neutral and objective reporting, it becomes worse when the article states as a fact that the Westin did not comply with a 2010 court ruling. This, however, is an opinion held by the neighbors you refer to in the article, which opinion is being disputed by the Westin, so that the court will have to determine whether this opinion is correct or not. Yet, while knowing better, you report this opinion as though it was a fact. That is remarkable, to say the least. To say more than the least: it is inaccurate, sloppy and biased journalism.
Best regards,

Maarten Le Poole
Attorney at Law

Editor’s note:
Point taken. It is of course correct that the court still has to render its verdict. At the same time, it is a fact that the Westin is using its generators around the clock while this is against the law.

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