Letter: Victory for my people

POSTED: 04/11/12 2:16 PM

By James E. Maduro – It has been brought to my attention that the high presidium of St. Eustatius (the Island Council) will be meeting in a public session to discuss some agenda points, one of which is the Nu star expansion on The Farm. My advice to my people: Do not expect anything positive on this matter from your Island Council Members.
They are about to betray your trust and you the people for the love of money. They will be further jeopardizing your health and safety if you yield to their deceitful theories and let the expansion proceed on The Farm. Remember those safety reports and reviews concerning the expansion plan that they are citing were commissioned (as in paid for) by the interested parties (namely the Island Council and Nustar) and not by independent groups with nothing to lose. Every last one of them is aware of the very negative impact this project will have on the lives of our people, the environment and our way of life.
They are also aware of the millions of dollars which Nu star shareholders will receive and the very little our natives will get. Our people and island will again be plundered and destroyed by modern day Rodneys, who are bent on filling their own pockets, regardless of the concerns of the natives of the island. Such blatant refusal to hear the voice of the people, by members of their elected council needs to be condemned outright.
The expansion on The Farm is tantamount to what Rodney did us in 1761, but only in a different manner, by a different people. All through the years we have survived many hardships thanks to the perseverance and determination of our dedicated planters, fishermen and shopkeepers. Because of them we were able to thrive today. Under no circumstance must we lay down our determination to stop Nu star from destroying the beautiful landscape and disturb our ancestor’s grave for their expansion. Would they have done such to Arlington’s National Cemetery? We cannot permit them to do it to our ancestors, whose memories to us are sacred. They want to expand then please keep it behind the hill. We, the people, have to stand united in and for what we know is good for us.
I call on all loyal Statians to take to the Vincent Astor Lopes Legislative hall on Thursday. Stand up bravely and united and show those bunch of political phonies and sell outs that “this land is our land”. Yes, every inch of it.
Go on out, demonstrate peacefully. That lofty feeling among us must and will never break down. Move forward in the struggle for justice; defy those who are willing to make us suffer once more. If nothing else is true, one blatant fact is that the people of Statia have no one in government to protect their interest. Three executive councils later, the point has been proven. Over many years ago, the late Rupert Roosberg warned us the people to cut those hazards down and the time is now more than ripe to do so.
Go out in force on Thursday morning. Let the subtle island council see that you are determined in your actions. I love this very true Dutch spreekwoord (proverb) “DE MENS WIKT , MAAR GOD BESCHIKT” , GOD ZIJT MET ONS.

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