Letter: UP Party keeps their sheep in line

POSTED: 02/15/12 1:45 PM

Dear Editor,

It was no surprise that Member of Parliament Jules James will be saved and let the Pelican workers be the sacrificial lamb. After all, UP party can care less about a bunch of poor people who is of no interest to them. Most of the Pelican workers are of foreign origin. I am sad for what happened to them. But I trust that you now understand what we native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin heritage continues to go through these past 30 years.

I am sure many of you who vote, voted for UP Party and should thank Jules James and UP Party for showing how much they appreciate you. Quite frankly I am ashamed of all those who voted against the motion. Some of these people are my family, but they are still sheep. They will have to live with that act on their conscience.

The question I ask to them is how would you feel if it was your mother, or father, or brother or sister that was released from their job without funds to maintain their family needs for a short while? This is why St. Maarten is far from ready for independence. The entire UP party and its supporters just accept it and could care less. Only a fool will choose independence with these self interested people.

All of UP members in parliament are sheep. None of them have the courage and backbone to stand UP and defend right from wrong. Your education is a waste of time. You swore to represent the people and you have clearly broken their trust.

The National Alliance is also weak. I would make Jules James publicly debate this matter and the political pressure will force him to resign. All people that voted for UP party, I love you, but it is here where you have to stand for country first before political party and confront them with the wrong that has been done. Their actions can come to your doorsteps too. So you should care about your brothers and sisters. Stop being a sheep and think for yourself.

I hope the people living in St. Maarten/St. Martin now understand that education without a good character will lead to destruction. You need both to have a strong and good leader.

Remember what goes around comes around. This action is still a blessing in disguise. It is showing who the people of the UP & DP are really for. They care about the rich and famous and all the poor people are of no interest to them, but yet most of their votes come from the poor people.

When you vote, think before you vote. You can be voting to kill yourself. The UP & DP coalition rules with an iron hand and they are masters in keeping their educated fools (sheep) in line. The conclusion is today for me, tomorrow for you and you can take that to the bank.

Miguel Arrindell

The Patriot 

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