Letter: Unpaid advisor did not cry

POSTED: 11/25/11 12:41 PM

Dear Editor,


There are four ways to react to injustice: 1 you cry for the victims 2 you analyze the injustice and give a solution 3 you start ranting and raving and insulting the people who caused the injustice 4 you ridicule the ones who caused the injustice, (humor). Usually I go for number 4.

Not so last week when I was in the Cigar Lounge, a beautiful bar where a lot of politicians come. The owner of the bar, Mit, did the interior design. He deserves a Cristal Pineapple Award for best interior designer. As interior designer he could make a lot more money than pouring drinks for mediocre politicians.

Anyway, I was sitting there and I was thinking of how we were deceived by the politicians who were there. I realized that I was one of the 40 percent who pay tax. The other 60 percent are forgotten or have a deal with politicians. They pay for their election campaigns for example. With that money the politicians buy votes. In the “meantime I pay double tax! Injustice!

I did not cry. I did not analyze the problem in a polite way. I did not use my usual weapon: humor. I (with a little bit too much rum in my body) started ranting and raving, not to any particular politician, but in the air. When Mit told me to calm down, I calmed down. I was not happy with my humorless approach, but I felt good. At least I did not choose Romain’s approach, I did not cry. More about Romain in another daily newspaper on Saturday Weekender on page two. Unpaid advice to government: give emotional parliamentarians one more fringe benefit: free handkerchiefs to wipe their tears.


Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor to politicians with emotional problems

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