Letter: Unpaid advice to the “friends” of Lydia Henderson

POSTED: 11/1/11 12:17 PM

Dear Editor,

Lydia wrote a book about her colorful, wicked life. She did everything God has forbidden while searching for true love. I went to her book launch in The Alley. Everybody who took the microphone to praise Lydia, betrayed her. Everybody was happy that she was not a lesbian anymore and that she fell in love with Jehovah. Not anybody accepted Lydia as the woman she is: lesbian. Lydia loves women, but St. Maarteners do not allow that. Not even a word of support from Lasana Sekou.

So here is my unpaid advice to Lydia: go to Holland.  At least there you will not be discriminated. The Dutch do not mind if you marry a woman. And after you marry a woman you adopt two children and you will become the happiest mother in the world.

Gerard Bijnsdorp

Unpaid advisor to lesbians.

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Letter: Unpaid advice to the “friends” of Lydia Henderson by

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