Letter: Unpaid advice to so called animal lovers

POSTED: 02/22/12 1:20 PM

Dear Editor,

So called animal lovers only love certain animals. They love the dog, the cat, the canary and the dolphin. Most professional animal lovers are women. They love dogs because a dog is faithful and will never betray them. They love the cat because the cat is soft and sweet and does not beat them up. They love the canary, because he sings and does not shout at them. And they dream of dancing with a dolphin graciously while having an intelligent discussion with them.

So far so good. I have no problem with the above. I understand it. But I want to go a step further: why do we not love ALL our animals unconditionally? I got that idea a while ago when I was sitting on my porch looking at my beautiful dog. I saw a tick creeping on her belly. I picked it up and wanted to kill it under the butt of my cigarette. But suddenly I realized that a tick is also an animal and that we should love all animals. The tick is also created by God Almighty and God does nothing without a purpose. So I put the tick on my children’s toy dog. Looking at it I started wondering why God in God’s name would have created ticks. So I put my tick under a microscope. Oh, my God, how beautiful. A wonderful head and a gracious body. Extremely small, but beautiful and as graciously moving as a dolphin. And I do not exclude the possibility that the tick, in its own way, is even more intelligent than a dolphin. So from now on I do not kill ticks any more. Later on I also discovered the beauty of centipedes and cockroaches and I do not kill them anymore but feed them. I do not buy mosquito rackets anymore, but with my vacuum cleaner on “blowing” I blow them gently away. My cat sometimes kills a mouse in a terrible way. He “plays” with his victim in a cruel way for half an hour before the knock out. I have put my cat on a leash.

My unpaid advice: love ALL animals.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor and unconditional animal lover

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