Letter: Unpaid advice to Miguel Arrindell and Leopold James

POSTED: 06/18/12 12:57 PM

Dear Editor,

I am a bit old fashioned. I do almost nothing with my computer. Twitter? What nonsense! In Holland I once heard a lot of sparrows “tweeting” in a tree. The tree did not change, the sparrows did not change. I read that Sarah (Wescot-Williams) tweets. Well, Sarah (Wescot-Williams) will not change and St. Maarten will not change by her tweeting. St. Maarten did not change by her talking. It will not change by her tweeting. So why should I tweet? But one day, my wife in Holland, feeling lonely, I decided to use my computer. I went on internet. Then I found out on internet, that Miguel Arrindell and Leopold James are in a way more up to date than me. They have a lot of programs on internet. I looked at a thirty minute interview, in which Miguel interviews Leopold James and an interview in which Leopold interviews Miguel. Oh my God, they do of course not ask difficult questions. Politically they are sitting on each other’s lap. These gays, sorry, guys, were not challenging each other. They were “hugging” each other. A good interviewer asks difficult questions.
So let me for a change be Leopold’s and Miguel’s interviewer. I am going to ask some difficult questions. Let me start with Leopold.
1 Leopold, how long have you lived in St. Maarten?
2 After having been director of Milton Peters College, you became project manager of the St. Maarten Polytech. How long did you do that and what did you achieve?
3 Apart from building a Polytech, you were also a nation builder. Can you describe what you built?
Now I am the independent interviewer of Miguel:
1 I know you are the perfect Christian. Sometimes I think that you know even more than Jesus Christ. You know exactly who will go to Hell: homosexuals, people who have an abortion or euthanasia. Now what about me? Suppose I die. Suppose I led, according to Christian norms a good life, but I do not believe in God. Will I go to Heaven?
2 You are a capitalist: no privileges, no welfare for the common man! Your recipe for life: Work hard and you will succeed! Why do you not tell that to indigenous St. Maarteners? Why do you want privileges for them? Privileges for some workers? Is that not a socialist idea? It looks like you need a socialist idea to save the indigenous St. Maartener!
I hope Leopold and Miguel will answer me.
In closing, my unpaid advice to Miguel and Leopold: do not make silly movies that a handful of people look at. The fact that only a handful of people looked at your movies proves that you are politically impotent. Why don’t you (together) write a book, a bestseller in which you prove that St. Maarten failed by not listening to you. I would certainly be interested in that book, because for twenty years I write about why St. Maarteners failed by not listening to me. I am half way with my own book.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,
Unpaid advisor to nation builders and patriots

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