Letter: Unpaid advice about teacher’s appraisal program

POSTED: 02/17/12 12:38 PM

Dear Editor,

Paying teachers with the same diploma differently (teacher’s appraisal program) is a very bad idea. Teachers should not work harder for some extra dollars. They should work hard because they love their job and they love the children. Once in a while I meet an ex student who says that he/she liked what I did. That makes me happy. I had colleagues who reported sick, because they were building their own house, some were always too late, one was spending more time on running a school canteen than on giving lessons etc .etc. etc. That was not my problem. That was their (moral) problem. I did not care they made the same salary as me.

Another thing: the teacher’s appraisal program will open the door to nepotism (vriendjespolitiek). Relatives and friends of the director will get extra salary. When I was a teacher at M.P.C every year someone would get an extra month salary. Who got it? Friends of relatives of friends of relatives.

Another thing: teachers will not be critical of their superiors any more for fear they will be downgraded.

Another thing: if we so desperately want a teacher’s appraisal program, why not a nurses’ appraisal program, a minister’s and parliamentarian’s appraisal program. Why do politicians who can only talk and cry and stay away from meetings and voting have the same salary as committed politicians?

Unpaid advice to Rhoda: make an end to this unethical, mediocre nonsense.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid Advisor, poorly paid , but happy teacher. 

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