Letter to the editor: Fairy Tale

POSTED: 01/25/13 12:23 PM

Dear editor,

Is the honorable Romeo Pantophlet a pawn in the game of ‘politricks’? Since taking office all initiatives that the minister has envisioned, and expect the people to swallow, has MP Frans Richardson’s DNA all over it. The impression is given that the minister does not have a say or a mind of his own; but only executing everything the MP commissions. It blatantly depicts that there is lack of respect by our politicians for the constitution which clearly outlines the separation of power (executive and legislative).

The minister stood and gave a pretty speech on some ambitious plans but lacked the content to substantiate those plans. As the Minister of Tourism and Economic Affairs, why would he even fathom the idea of creating a new national airline when we are already majority shareholder of Winair. Would that money not be better invested in acquiring full ownership of Winair and expansion of fleet and services? I am sure Winair already has code sharing agreements with other major airlines and I think it will behoove the minister to sit with Winair and/or his coalition partner Michael Ferrier (DP) to discuss the many possibilities that exists.

This makes me think back to the comments made by the former Minister of Tourism, Franklin Meyers, alerting the public to be on the lookout for talks regarding a new airline which will cost the government, and by extension the taxpayers, of St. Maarten $100 million.

MP Ruth Douglass was correct to ask if every project will cost $100 million. The governing program is turning out to be more of a fairy tale and needs to be re-evaluated. If not, jobs are in jeopardy rather than created.

Johnston Galvens.

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