Letter to the editor: Cay Hill Boys

POSTED: 02/13/13 12:37 PM

Not all the time many words are needed to get a point across. So, this time a short article from our side. Actions speak sometimes louder than words.

We all know the example of the twig that can easily be snapped once alone, but which is hard to break within a bundle of twigs. The more twigs in the bundle, the harder it becomes to break the twig. It is no different when it comes to us human beings. A goal might seem impossible to achieve once a person stands alone, but once joined with others the goal becomes more and more realistic as the number of persons involved increase.

Last weekend’s initiative taken by “The Cay Hill Boys” to address issues in their community is a great example of what is possible when people come together. The ironic part is that it is these same boys, who we often talk about in a negative way (too lazy to work, always hanging around smoking weed, bunch of criminals etc), who took it upon themselves to take a stand and unite. And they don’t unite just “The Cay Hill Boys”, but everybody within their community.

It is because of “The Cay Hill Boys” that many issues will be addressed and dealt with. It is because of them that awareness was elevated. It is because of them that the feeling of a “community” has been and is being increased. It is because of them that other organizations got involved. It is because of them that more residents got involved.

Our point is: Other groups before and now “The Cay Hill Boys” have shown that when you come together and deal with issues together, goals can be achieved. It is about awareness, inclusion and participation. It is about strength through numbers…#sxmmovement.

Soualiga Social Movement

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