Letter to the editor: Appalled

POSTED: 01/25/13 12:38 PM

Please allow me to explain my concern about Mr. Corallo’s situation after Italy explained the reason for putting the article which tarnished Mr. Corallo’s reputation for life in the newspapers and Interpol. In my opinion one should be very sure, information received should be truthful, investigated, and coming from positive sources. Nevertheless Italy was big enough to apologize to Mr. Corallo which shows great respect knowing the pain Mr. Corallo felt when he opened the newspaper and read the article which could cause the destruction of his career forever.

To Italy I am saying your apology is not enough. Mr. Corallo should receive a handsome reward in monetary value for his inward suffering. The job of destroying Mr. Corallo is already done. I understood that Mr. Corallo was given the opportunity to run a large company because of his honesty and clean record in his business throughout the entire Antilles.

There is a saying when they out to get you, they will by the hook or the crook. My advice to Mr. Corallo is to stand tall; you are a beautiful person at heart. Remember, Satan touches the body but he cannot touch the soul.

To Holland I am saying just as Italy apologize to Mr. Corallo. An expedient apology from Holland is required to totally clear Mr. Corallo’s name. Mr. Corallo is an important citizen, and a well loved and respected citizen in the entire Antilles. A savior to our nation, a wheel of fortune that keep our island successful with secured jobs for our people. He keeps tears from our eyes in spite of the crucial economic crises that close so many employment doors throughout the entire western hemisphere. Mr. Corallo never closed one door.

He could have done it because it was an easy way to get rid of employees to give ease to businesses with financial burdens. But because of love he felt committed and avoided doing like others do.

I, Barbara Nesbitt will not sit back and let you kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Mr. Corallo is a man of love, dignity, patience, mercy, endurance, and most of all a wonderful human being. Mr. Holland even tried to destroy Mr. Corallo. My advice: Mr. Holland, start writing your apology now.

Barbara Nesbitt,

Aka Calypso Barbara.

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