Letter to the editor: About doping

POSTED: 01/25/13 12:42 PM

Lance became a millionaire by fooling everybody. Clever investigators proved his crime and he got nailed. Loving publicity he did not confess his sin to God, but to the goddess of television: Ohhhprahhhh!

In St. Maarten the same thing happened. For 40 years politicians became millionaires by using “doping”: 1 They gave each other the best pieces of lease land (people’s land!) 2 By dealing and wheeling with investors, they made a lot of money “under the table”: the “doping” of politicians and civil servants.

Cycling organizations are desperately trying to clean their sport. Who will be looking at the Tour de France when you know you are being deceived? In most countries cyclists can now confess they have been using doping. If they do,   they get a mild punishment (everybody did it) and after half a year they can compete again in a fair way.

I think that St Maarten politicians should do what cycling organizations do: clean up their act! All St. Maarten politicians, who ever took a bribe, should go to Oprah Winfrey and confess. If they do, after half a year they can go back in politics.

Big question: who will govern St Maarten in the next half year? Very simple: Your Unpaid Advisor!

Gerard Bijnsdorp,

My doping? Rum and coke.

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