Letter: Theatrical drama

POSTED: 11/30/11 7:03 AM

Dear Editor,

The behavior of Parliamentarian Romaine Laville during the meeting of parliament called by the National Alliance to discuss the firing of over 100 workers at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina by management was pure theatrical drama. His actions and behavior were neither fish nor fowl. He continued to repeat himself during his presentation and at the end of it all he did not make a stand on anything.
He didn’t back the workers and he left the coalition of which he is a member out in the cold. A real parliamentarian must make a stand. He didn’t do that. He walked out of the meeting and didn’t vote for neither of the motions. By doing that he didn’t back the workers or his coalition partners.
I hope that the conscience of the good parliamentarian was telling him to back the motion of the National Alliance because that was the right thing to do, but for the lack of “cojones” he did not vote for it. I believe that the good parliamentarian was scared to ruffle the feathers of his political leader and that is why he didn’t vote for the motion of the National Alliance.
And not to forget the behavior of Parliamentarian Jules James. His actions and conduct were beyond comprehension. What he did is a prime example of how the majority of business people treat their workers. All they care about is making money with no regard for the well being of their employees and that is unjustifiable.

Todd Peterson
A Concern citizen

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