Letter: The value of heritage

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:09 AM

Dear editor,

I could not agree more with the Netherlands giving Saba Statia and Bonaire national minority status to protect those public entities within the country of the Netherlands. That should be a clear indicator that Leopold James, Miguel Arrindell and the St. Maarten Nation Building Foundation are clearly on the right track. It is nice to see people of different heritage (white people, Dutch people of the Netherlands) protecting other people of Heritage (black people, Saba, Statia, Bonaire) from the verge of extinction within their system.
At the same time it hurts me to see people like our so-called Prime Minister and William Marlin rejecting to protect and recognize people of their own identity (people of St. Maarten heritage) from the verge of extinction. The people of St. Maarten heritage not only have to compete in their own home as a minority, but we have to compete against the Dutch people and another 150 nationalities.
This empowers our rights to be recognized more valuable and powerful. Remember it is the same people in government which is the Democratic Party and UP party and the National Alliance who put the native people of St. Maarten Heritage in this mess today.
Imagine black people of your identity (government of St. Maarten) leaving you to become extinct while the Dutch people (white people protecting the black people (people of Saba, Statia, Bonaire) in their system. We must come to the conclusion that the native St. Maarten people are the lowest and last class citizens in our native country.
We have people in government who certainly do not care about the native St. Maarten people, even a donkey can understands and recognize that. In response to the lawyer Le Poole who told me our laws do not allow us to discriminate, I now challenge him to take the Dutch government to court for discriminating against the majority white Dutch people for giving the minority black people of Saba, Statia and Bonaire special privilege to protect them. Mr. Le Poole your own heritage agrees with me.
Some people went as low as to say that Mr. James is married to a white Dutch woman so he should not talk about heritage. I believe on the contrary, he proves he is real and true to his heritage because even if he married a lady with a different identity he did not forget where he came from, that is a real man and I salute that.
But many of those in government are weak people because they believe that because one of their parents is not of St. Maarten Heritage they cannot recognize people of St. Maarten heritage. That mentality proves they are not to be trusted, because they do not know where they belong, it is called wannabe.
With respect to the Today paper, the article about St. Maarten one people, one destiny and many cultures was an insult to the people of St. Maarten Heritage. Let me tell you why, we have seen every other people of different heritage and identity that has Dutch citizenship that is living in St. Maarten, but that cover of the newspaper did not have one picture of a person of native St. Maarten heritage.
And again I prove my point where the native people of St. Maarten heritage are the last class in their own country. Thanks to the Democratic Party, UP party and the National Alliance. On St. Maarten Day both governments celebrate working with French and Dutch. But the St. Maarten Nation Building Foundation and Miguel Arrindell celebrate the coming together of 37 square miles as one people of same heritage which is the real St. Maarten day. As I said before, we do not include to be excluded. As long as the native people of St. Maarten heritage are not recognized we will have a country of foreigners living in St. Maarten but not of St. Maarten. God bless all people living in St. Maarten nationals or non-nationals. My native people of St. Maarten heritage the struggle is long and hard but when victory arrive it will be sweeter and be of greater value.

Yours truly,
Miguel Arrindell.

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