Letter: The insensitivity of a politician

POSTED: 02/1/12 3:11 PM

Dear Editor,

How insensitive can our politicians become towards the needs and suffering that the less fortunate of country St. Maarten have to deal with on a daily basis?
Let’s take a look at the action of the deputy prime minister of country St. Maarten. The deputy prime minister is the minister in charge of GEBE. The deputy prime minister has to put guidelines in place for government that eventually will have to be translated into policies by the management team of GEBE that will benefit the residents of this island where it concerns the production, distribution and eventually the consumption of electricity by the local population. Everyone on this island knows that the consumer pays an exorbitantly high price for electricity and that it is an extremely heavy burden on the meager income of the less fortunate.
Here is the insensitivity of the deputy prime minister towards the less fortunate of this island. The deputy prime minister, who is in charge of GEBE for government, is apparently installing a wind turbine on his property to eventually produce electricity for his personal use and as such he will not have to bear the high cost of electricity produced by GEBE. The deputy prime minister can do that because he is affluent enough to do so but the overwhelming majority of residents of this island are not so fortunate. The question is: will the deputy prime minister do what he’s supposed to do to reduce the price of electricity produced by GEBE, since he will not have to endure the burden that it causes.
A good political leader suffers along with his constituents and tries diligently to alleviate the suffering. Whoever is advising the deputy prime minister is doing a terrible job. This puts me in mind of the captain of the Italian cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea who jumped ship and left his passengers and crew to fend for themselves after the ship hit a rock and began to take on water.

Todd Peterson

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