Letter: The Daily Herald: Hypocrisy?

POSTED: 10/19/11 6:37 PM

Dear Editor,

I wrote an article for our papers to urge people to go to The Alley to attend the book launch of a local writer: Lydia Henderson. You may like her or not, she is a local celebrity, who writes a book. The Daily Herald did not publish my article.
I go to the book launch, buy the book and write an article about it. It is published in “Today” but not on the opinion page of “The Daily Herald”. When I ask why, I do not get an answer. I send it to the Weekender, the Saturday supplement of The Herald, because my article is about culture, but the editor of The Weekender refuses to publish my article about a St. Maarten writer. When I ask the editor of The Weekender why, she has no answer.
Of course I know the answer. Lydia’s book is about controversial sex. Controversial sex does not exist on St. Maarten. That’s why we have 15 brothels. The Herald makes a lot of money with advertising some of these brothels, but when an artist writes about what is going on there, they do not want to hear about it. The reader may decide if we have here an example of hypocrisy.

Gerard Bijnsdorp,
Disappointed advisor to the Herald

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