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POSTED: 11/28/11 7:56 AM

Dear Editor,

Do you return to say thank you? There are numerous opportunities presented on daily a basis which we would do well to grasp and use advantageously by thanking those with whom we interact. It could be wherever you are at but as the saying goes “charity begins at home,” so why not begin where it matters most? Let your spouse know how thankful you are to have them in your life, thank the children for what they do-even if in your opinion they do nothing, thank yourself for being so wonderful.
And when you get through thanking those closest to you, consider this: Thank you, Dank u, Merci, Grazie, and Gracias. Thank you as listed in English, Dutch, French, Italian, & Spanish respectively. This particular word is used to express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgement, as for a gift, favor, service, or courtesy. (Dictionary.com)
Thank you is one of the first words that we learned as children and it is also one of the first words that we teach our children from the time they get to the age of understanding, somewhere around a year old and even younger depending on the speech ability of the child. It is something that we insist on and take pride in when it becomes the child’s automatic response upon receiving something. This is quite commendable for toddlers and young children but the aim should be for this to be a life lesson in thanksgiving. There are many challenges that we face in today’s world and there’s no need to add another malady by neglecting to teach our children (nieces, nephews, grandchildren, & cousins) the importance of gratitude.
Ingratitude or ungratefulness is a trait that should be abhorred by everyone. Yet many people engage in this type of behavior. For some it’s due to ignorance and some people are just plain old inconsiderate.
In an era where we pride ourselves on being movers and shakers-innovative people who are always advancing, we must never forget that some values remain unchangeable. Gratitude/thankfulness is one such value. As long as we need each other we will need gratitude to keep growing. Think of gratitude as the wheels that make a car move. Imagine how the effectiveness of any team would be affected if no one took the time to let each other know how meaningful their contributions were. Team members and team leaders alike should make this a must for their mode of operation. From sports- to administration- to families-we need each other and gratitude keeps us aware of each other’s significance.
Gratitude or thankfulness is a matter of the heart. There is no two ways about it; you’re either thankful or you’re not. It’s not an innate quality but is one that has to be nurtured and put into practice.
So, you think because you’re the one paying the restaurant tab you’re not obliged to say thank you to the waitress? How about that bus driver, cashier, store clerk, the nurse who took care of you during your stay at the hospital, the garbage men who dispose of your trash weekly, oh and there’s the office cleaning lady and I could go on and on with many more examples of who to thank. Yes, these people are compensated for what they do but there is something about saying “thank you” coupled with a warm smile that brings a feeling of satisfaction that money can’t buy.
Why not put this simple gesture into practice today? It does not cost a cent and you and the one you’re extending it to will both be pleased. Try making this a part of who you are, if for no other reason, because it’s the right thing to do. When you live out gratitude, you allow others to see the beauty of your heart. THANK YOU.

Semona E. Morton

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