Letter: Stop cockfights. Do something positive instead

POSTED: 05/30/12 10:07 PM

Dear Editor,

Cockfighting is not a sport. It is animal cruelty. It is not everybody’s tradition but it is a nasty form of gambling for some. Organizing and permitting animal fights is not something to be proud of. It is a shameful disgrace. Cockfighting is not natural at all. The animals are bred and trained to be aggressive and to fight. Stop the breeding. Start petting and notice what nice and different personalities these birds have.

Cockfighting does not progress civilization. It keeps us all back. Cockfighting is a community problem and it should be stopped. The reason why cockfighting still happens is because the majority of the good people allow it to continue because they do nothing about it. Please have no fear for anything but fear itself because fear is what will keep us back.

Where are all the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, churches, foundations, companies who want the best for St. Maarten? They are out there but please do not be scared, open up and voice your opinion. When you need help you want others to stand up for you as well; now it is time to stand up for the roosters who are not able to fight the laws that exclude them from protection. Stand up for those roosters and other animals that are forced to fight in organized animal fights. While protecting them we protect our whole community.

The youngsters are our future. They are the ones who need positive guiding and good examples. St. Maarten badly needs moral progress. Allowing cockfights and other organized animal fights will not help us grow. If we want the crime rates to diminish then we should ban all cruelty and focus on compassion.

Please write and express your concerns in a polite letter to the governor at kabinet@kabgsxm.com and to the ombudsman at bureauombudsman@gmail.com.

You can also send copies of your letters to this newspaper at todayeditorial@yahoo.com to be published on the opinion page.

Thank you

Mercedes De Windt 

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