Letter: Shame on you Lambert!

POSTED: 10/18/11 12:10 PM

Dear Editor,

It is disgraceful that the chairman of GEBE’s Board would act in such a manner which is evidently fueled by his obsession with and envy of Mr. Brooks. It seems that he would go to any lengths to continue this personal vendetta he seems to have against Mr. Brooks. He is now willing to stoop so low to try and block Mr. Brooks’ appointment to a high-profile job in St. Kitts.

Lambert states in the article that “his contract was terminated really for poor performance”. For these past years Lambert has been trying unsuccessfully to get rid of Mr. Brooks by any means available to him and now that Mr. Brooks’ contract has automatically ended on its own Lambert has resorted to stalking? He has gone as far as to contact CARILEC members in order to get info on his new employer. It boggles the mind that he would even consider contacting the St. Kitts-Nevis weekly “Observer” newspaper with ridiculous statements which are solely meant to discredit Mr. Brooks in the eyes of his new employer.
This is madness! Why can’t he just let it go?
What are the perceived injuries to Mr. Lambert that are causing him to want to destroy Mr. Brooks?

This defamation of character has to be stopped by hook or by crook.
The article in another daily newspaper quotes Lambert as stating that GEBE “had lost millions and millions of dollars” under Mr. Brooks and that “there was no control and the company was losing a lot of money” But not so long ago he claimed in another article in another daily newspaper that GEBE had made huge profits (more than $ 20 million). These are totally contradictory statements. To get to the bottom of these unsupported statements made by Lambert the newspapers should request to see the 2010 financial statements of the company.
Lambert further states in the article that there had been no control of the billing system. What is not up to par? Is it perhaps the e-billing, GEBE’s informative Web-site or GEBE SMS-messages which have all been introduced in these last five years under the management of Mr. Brooks? Are these some of the things that are stuck in Lambert’s craw? In a survey on GEBE’s web-site we read that 90% of Saba’s consumers are already making use of the online billing system and it is on a steady increase on St. Maarten.

Lambert’s antiquated management style does not allow him to embrace innovative ideas and therefore he will never accept the modern vision of young professionals like Mr. Brooks.
His statement that “Brooks did more travelling than working” only highlights the fact that Lambert never interacted with his peers and counterparts in the Caribbean and this is one plausible reason to explain why he is complaining about the business trips of Mr. Brooks.
Through being on the Boards of Carilec and the Caribbean Water Association Mr. Brooks was able to share knowledge, experiences and best practices by informing the citizens of our country that we are not the only one facing certain issues and that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. This network has guaranteed that GEBE can knock on the doors of all our Caribbean counterparts for assistance and info at any time.

It would behoove the Chairman of GEBE’s Supervisory Board to act in a more dignified manner and to refrain from degrading GEBE and making the company fodder for gossip here and abroad.
This is de-motivating for the entire GEBE on all three islands, more so due to the fact that the company is presently without direction. GEBE’s 2011 budget is still pending approval by the Supervisory Board!
Not only is the public confused but also the employees.

Concerned employees on all three islands

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