Letter: Sacred duty to protect and serve

POSTED: 05/18/12 1:55 PM

Dear Editor,

The historical rights of Native Indigenous St. Martiners Worldwide recognized in their homeland as described in the UN declarations concerning Post-Colonial Rights of native People is “Conditio Sine Qua Non”, If there is to be any viable future for our sweet St. Martin Land.
There are approximately 60,000 Native Indigenous St. Martiners worldwide, including the over 15,000 presently residing in their Homeland St. Martin (North and South) a 37 sq miles Caribbean island with a total population of 100.000 people.
It is imperative that the Powers that be in St. Martin (North and South) do some re-arranging and rescheduling of their full agendas in the weeks leading up to Emancipation Day to find time for contemplation, reflection and some serious soul searching on the present state of union of the native indigenous St. Martiners as being a Non recognized, re-colonized people, who have been reduced to a Native minority in their homeland, struggling to maintain their human dignity and God given right of self-determination to further evolve their spiritual mental cultural socio-economic and constitutional emancipation process towards sovereignty of a unified St. Martin: One People – One Island – One Destiny .
The sacred duty of yours truly; an ancient sovereign re-incarnate of the African Jewish Priest Hood is to protect and serve his people wherever on planet earth they may be.
By sovereign decree, the definition of a Native Indigenous St. Martiner is an individual of any race, creed, religion or nationality born in part of the world who trace his other family tree, blood lineage, heritage, identity and prescriptive land rights back to the post-slavery historical period between 1848 and 1963 in North and South St. Martin.
Hopefully, the powers that be on St. Martin (North and South) will come to the conclusion that it’s time to do the right thing in Honor of our ancestors who made the ultimate sacrifice;
We must end oppression and corruption.
We as a dignified Native indigenous St. martin people Worldwide and all supporting our noble cause expects nothing less than on Emancipation Day July 1st 201, in a historic proclamation of a unified session of North and South St. Martin The Historical Rights of Native Indigenous St. Martiners worldwide be officially recognized in their homeland as described in declarations concerning post-colonial rights of native people.
Global citizens who wish to support native St. Martiners being recognized in their homeland please feel free to join our 4000 friends / members FACEBOOK GROUP: The Historical Rights of The Native Indigenous St. Martiners Worldwide. You can contact me on FACEBOOK: Theophilus Priest

Yours Truly
Theophilus F. Priest
An ancient sovereign re-incarnate of the African Jewish Priesthood loved of God Luke 1:3
“Amor Universal Spiritual.”

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