Letter: Reckless

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:08 AM

Dear editor,

The President of the Parliament of St. Maarten said during a press conference that there is a need for re engineering institutions and structures that carry out checks and balances in government. She also said that these institutions and structures are “no Holy cow”. Meaning that these structures and institutions can be made obsolete.

These institutions and structures were put in place when St. Maarten obtained its Separate Status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands because there is a great need for checks and balances in government.

Just take a look back in time and see how St. Maarten was governed over the last 40 years and tell me in good conscience that there is no need for checks and balances in government. I believe that the politicians from then and those from now know about the “Bakhuis” and “Pourier reports” and the placing of St. Maarten under higher supervision.

Let us avoid those things from ever happening in Country St. Maarten.

That the president of Parliament makes such a statement when the Separate Status is barely one year in existence, I would dare say that, that statement borders on recklessness.

The call from the President of Parliament to re engineer the structures and institutions that carry out checks and balances in government is frightening.

What surprises me is the fact that the President of Parliament in her former political role was a strong proponent of checks and balances in Government and now to see how the President of Parliament makes a 360 degree turn around in her political thinking is strange to say the least. What could have caused such a dramatic change in the political thinking of the President Parliament. Is it because the President of Parliament has joined up with the people who have governed this island for over 40 years in a hap hazard manner without concern for good
governance. Or is because power changes the mindset of people for the worse.

Whatever may have contributed towards the President of Parliament making such a call, it remains a fact that it was not the correct thing to do especially coming from someone in such a high position within the structure of Country St. Maarten.

The President of Parliament should have thought twice before making such a statement.

Todd Peterson

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