Letter: Qualities a government should have

POSTED: 11/2/11 12:02 PM

Dear Editor,

As a foreigner I sit back and observe what is happening in your country St. Maarten. I notice that the government does not protect their people and that being a real St. Maartener is like an insult to people in general.

In my country where I am from and around the world it is exactly the opposite. But the problem exists because the real St. Maarten people sit back and do not defend their interest. It is sad because that mentality will make you a victim in your own country.

In my country the patriot Miguel Arrindell would be a hero and a man that will be highly respected. A real man will defend and die for his country. I believe that your government makes a huge mistake by stating openly that St. Maarten people do not exist or cannot be determined, when the facts shows they are living and are distinguished by family names and land ownership. The same is so in my country.

St. Maarten is the first country where nationality is more important than identity. That is very unwise. The people who stand the most to lose will be the real St. Maarten people. Love of a country must register in defending your people first. Where can the St. Maarten people go to if St. Maarten fails? They certainly will not be welcome in my country. We look out for our people first.

I advise the real St. Maarten people to start looking for their interest. St. Maarten people are very nice and I think it is because they do not understand the real world. You must love your people before you can love other people.

I think I have said enough as a foreigner.

Thanks very much,

Wade Johnson                 

Foreigner in St. Maarten

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