Letter: Personal responsibility and free will

POSTED: 10/17/11 11:55 AM

Dear Editor,

Free will is the ability to do what you want, and pursue your interests. In other words, free will is the ability to pursue the object of your passions, motivations, wants, interests, and desires. So where do our “wants” come from?
Clearly, not everyone has the same motivations; otherwise everyone would end up in the same role (as a soldier, or a nurse, or a banker, etc). If you’re driven to become president, you may settle for governor, but you probably won’t change direction and become a nurse. Think about it.
Where do interests and passions come from? They can’t be taught, or forced upon us. Yet our interests define who we are, our identity.
Personal responsibility is taking responsibility for your actions, accepting the consequences that come from those actions and understanding that what you do impacts those around you and you as a person.
When the people of St. Maarten apply these concepts of life you decide to take matters in your own hand and begin to form your destiny. All successful people in life apply these two concepts. In politics, political parties want politicians of this kind of character. But many political parties do not want people to pursue this concept, because then there will be little or no need for politicians.
In political science and ideology conservatives stress personal responsibility and freewill from its members, but they also teach people the conservative values. Liberals want the government to think for you and they believe the average man cannot think for him or herself. That is why they believe in big government but big government spends too much of the taxpayers money. Small government usually respect taxpayer’s money and believe the people know how to spend their money best.
In social studies some women are very foolish. They always make bad decisions and enter a relationship with a man they know will not treat her as a human. The same applies for some men with women. If you apply personal responsibility then you will know that you that have to make it your business to find out about people before you get involved in a relationship with them. Be it a lover or a friend. Being intentionally ignorant or not using freewill to think about your actions means you deserve your unhappiness and sorrows.
When people in St. Maarten apply personal responsibility and freewill there will be a greater chance for them to attain wealth and rely less on government. Conservatives practice and train people how to be self reliant. Liberals believe only a few people can be self reliant and therefore you need a big government to control the masses of people. That concept has never worked. But our master God knows best. He gave us the Ten Commandments not only to please him, but as the rule of self responsibility and freewill. If we apply them we protect ourselves from destruction.
The conclusion is if God give us freewill and expect us to be responsible, then it is up to us to apply them. If we do we will become masters of our own destiny with God being the mighty master of all of us. Then need for government is very limited.
Good luck with your endeavors in life, use personal responsibility and freewill.
God bless St. Maarten and its people.

Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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