Letter: Open letter to Senator L. C. Fleming

POSTED: 01/17/12 12:44 PM

Dear Senator Fleming,

For you to openly say on Radio 101.5 FM that “as far as I am concerned, there is no dispute“ regarding the estate of the late Louis Constant Fleming Sr. clearly means that you are either a blatant liar or that you are completely uneducated in French Civil Law and therefore you are not fit to be anything in government in Saint Martin, now or ever, especially you, as Senator who’s main function is to create and or amend laws.

Approximately 7 months ago, I first sent you a registered letter informing you of this dispute, it was also mentioned in local newspapers as well as local news sites on the internet for everybody worldwide, to read, including you, yourself and yet you profess that there is no dispute. Well since there is no dispute, then why did you hire a lawyer in France to represent you, all which I have proof of.
For those who may feel that this is a personal vendetta or as you reportedly said, “An attempt by Claudie and myself to extort monies from you during this campaign”, I say to you, it’s not. It’s about giving Claudie no more or less than what is rightfully his. It’s a personal dispute involving you and your family, Senator Fleming but more significant than that it involves people of the state you presently represent as Senator, Saint Martin’s people! You are an elected civil servant! You should be for all people, including Claudie. Shame on you for seemingly trying to involve your elderly mother in this, by reportedly suggesting to others that we approach her for an explanation as to what took place in 1933 while married to your late father.
I once again urge you to clean up this mess your father orchestrated, (who was also an elected civil servant) if you really would like to be elected to anything on this island, hereby also avoiding yet another personal scandal.

Remember, it was the same Claudie Fleming who steadfastly stood by your side to get elected to where you are, when you desperately needed him, his wife, his children, their families and friends’ votes and support, wouldn’t you need these same votes to get you over the top, this so important election? Can you afford to lose any more support than you already have lost due to the mess you have created or are you living in denial?
But then again, Mr. Senator, it’s your dilemma because up to date you still fail to give the voter of Saint Martin a clear and honest explanation as to why you made the same mistake, more than once as stated by your mean rival Albert Fleming.
I trust that you will comply with my request in order for this to be put to rest, once and for all for your own good and well being of your political campaign.

Yours truly,

Norman C. Wathey

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