Letter: Open Letter to Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Theodore Heyliger

POSTED: 11/22/11 8:15 AM

Open Letter to Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Theodore Heyliger

Dear Editor,
Obviously, it is no secret that most of the population has more respect for you than for our smile-to-look-good prime minister. By now most people have learned how difficult it is to figure out what she is talking about. And it appears that not even the over average person is able to understand what the prime minister says all the time. To complicate matters, perhaps it is also difficult for her to understand what everybody else is talking about as well. Therefore, as the true leader of government, surely you are faced with an awesome political dilemma.
We all can only be left to imagine the feeling of obligation to satisfy big investors or perhaps even big campaign donors. However, the conflict of interest situation between Jules James the member of parliament and Jules James the manager of the new Pelican Resort has become untenable. Undoubtedly, to be in fulltime service of government while being a fulltime employee of a hotel particularly, as in this case, is a blatant disrespect for the comfortable salary along with first class medical care, vacation allowances and French benefits that a member of parliament enjoys. Remember the tax payers are the ones paying for fulltime work.
Needless to mention, Members of Parliament swore to uphold the power of the law to properly manage and protect the country on behalf of the people that elected him. When that power is abused and or misused then it is time to go. Jules James has proven that his first loyalty is with the hotel owners, and not with the people of this country; he also does not respect your government. He blatantly and deliberately disregarded the law of the land by ignoring the governing power vested in the labor department. He did not request permission from the labor department to dismiss over a hundred long time employees with immediate effect. Then at the same time, he purposely reinforced his abuse by rehiring temporary employment. His unlawful actions should not just be considered criminal; they are a direct attack against the stability and integrity of the country. This kind of precedence opens the door for any other major investor to use and abuse the people with the approval of the government. It is against all that was promised during the campaign about six month contracts. Moreover, if only to protect the integrity of your government and the law of the land he can no longer be a Member of Parliament.
To emphasize the disdain of this public and embarrassing situation that this country is in, you are obliged to demand his resignation. If the UP party doesn’t demand his resignation, then obviously Jules James is governing with the approval of your government. No amount of limiting public opinion by controlling radio programs, public talk shows or news media can change the truth about this matter. The people or the long arm of the law should not be forced to resort to extra parliamentary measures to determine who is part of the problem or who is part of the solution, more-so for you to do the right thing.
Too bad Mr. Romaine Laville did not show the courage to do what it takes to be a bold leader. As it is, the onus is on you. Make an effort to stand up for the people.

Respectfully yours,
Eldridge van Putten
Social & Political Activist

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