Letter: Not enough eyes and ears

POSTED: 02/14/12 3:41 PM

Parliament does not have enough eyes and ears to keep an eye on the manner in which this government is functioning. While my focus is on the Minister of Everything, as a representative of the people I also have to monitor the Minister of Economic Affairs Franklin Meyers. I understood that there is a moratorium on Jet Ski’s. The information is that someone submitted a request to obtain a Jet Ski license to operate at the Great Bay Beach. Apparently the advice from the office of the Minister (Economic Affairs) was negative. Seemingly the Minister is neglecting the advice of the department and has requested that the documents be sent to him as he plans to approve the permit for the Jet Ski. There are stakeholders who are objecting to this and are preparing to follow legal recourse.
I will be sending a letter to the Minister of Economic Affairs Franklin Meyers requesting information on the following: How many persons are in possession of a license to operate Jet Skis? When and why was the moratorium placed? What criteria do the Jet Ski license holders suppose to adhere to? I also want to know if it is true that the Minister intends to approve this request against the advice of his department. There is so much going on that is not transparent. Now the people can understand the need for a Corporate Governance Council, not enough eyes and ears.

George Pantophlet

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