Letter: Native St. Maarten men of character

POSTED: 02/17/12 12:26 PM

Dear Editor,

It is my privilege to acknowledge some of my native people of St. Maarten heritage for making their life worthwhile and standing in defense of other people even while some of those people are criticizing them. I give lots of respect drs Leopold James and Eldridge van Putten for having the courage to stand up for the native people of St. Maarten heritage when it was not considered the right and popular thing to do. I may not agree with them at all time, but what I value is their courage to stand for what they believe in. At times many our own native St. Maarten people bad talk and criticize them while Mr. James and Mr. van Putten stand and defend native St. Maarten people’s rights.
We have all made mistakes. I am not perfect, and it is sad to see some people always reminding people of the few mistakes these men of character have made. But the hypocrites never seem to remember and remind people of all the betrayal our government from DP, UP, and National Alliance have done to native people of St. Maarten Heritage. St. Maarten people were taught long ago to hurt each other when ever another brother or sister is of a different party. This is still the doctrine of DP, UP and the National Alliance. While a lot has changed thanks to Mr. Leopold James and Eldridge van Putten this practice still seems to continue.
I challenge all native St. Maarten people of heritage and all naturalized Dutch citizens not to be afraid and to stand up and fight for what you believe in. St. Maarten is beginning to change rapidly and the dynasty of a few families is surely coming to an end.
The problem with St. Maarten is its political leaders who make and cut deals in their own interest. This is also our fault as the electorate for voting for them. The remedy is to make each wrong they do a public referendum on what is wrong and right. This is how you can break political corruption using the power of the people.
Mr. James and Mr. van Putten have done their share with the heart of a lion and I commend these gentlemen for that. In St. Maarten there are many who talk, some have education, but it’s all talk and no action. I have no respect for these kind of people. What we need are people who love country, that have the courage to stand for what is right and stands for what they believe in.
There was a time people were scared to put their names in the newspaper or go on TV or radio. Those days are gone. We are seeing a new generation, which is willing to fight and change things for the better. And all this is because men like Mr. James and Mr. van Putten were there alone in the struggle leading without fear of victimization. That is what I admire you men for. Many criticize them, but those people know they can never do what Mr. James and Mr. Van Putten have done. My friends keep the fight up. You have changed St. Maarten significantly. The wall has major cracks and will fall any moment. Keep hope alive and continue to fight like a lion.

God bless you,
Miguel Arrindell
The Patriot

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