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POSTED: 06/21/12 1:02 PM

Dear Mrs. Granston,

Thank you for that beautiful article in your Today edition of today, Wednesday, June 20, 2012, of Charity Sam, on “Hard work truly pays off!”

I read it with great emotions in my heart, and I truly wish her the very best, God’s richest blessings in all her future endeavors, which are many, but achievable. Her aspirations are great, and I do hope she reaches to the top of her heart’s desires.

In this modern day and age, especially being a teacher myself, it feels so very good to see a young person with that much anxiety, desire and motivation in her heart to excel.

In reading your article, Mrs. Granston, the tears welled up in my eyes and they just continued to roll down my cheeks.

Why? Because it was as though I was reading my own life story with all my own heart’s desires. Her story sounded so very much like my own. Especially the part about going that extra mile, spending all kinds of hours of the night to complete her projects with her classmates and colleagues.

That person sounded so very much like myself.

You see, I am also a person who loves to be helpful, and get everything right for whatever occasion, and I have been doing that for as long as I can remember. Of course I do not have that youthfulness in me anymore, as I am 65 years of age, however, going the extra mile is still there, but somehow it got me in bails of trouble at my present employment as a teacher. You see, you can almost call me a perfectionist, and when there is work to be done, I try my utmost best to help whoever it is in charge to get that job done well.

Charity was allowed to speak freely about her helping and going that extra mile, and I am thankful to God for her that her great efforts were recognized and she even received the President of the Board of USM award.

I, to the contrary, once mentioned casually about a deed I had done. Well, I was properly reprimanded and told that what you do for God you leave there. It is needless to mention the trying year I spawned for myself from that remark. All my good deeds had been instantly forgotten, and I was written up to the max to the department.

In the meantime I had some serious falls, and was put home on sick leave for an extended period of time. I have now received my termination letter that I have not been considered for a new contract for next academic year.

Mrs. Granston, as I said before, do encourage Ms. Sam to follow her dreams and move forward. I personally cheer her on, and pray that she makes it. I know her Mom Marva very well, and I know they all have a strong faith. I wish her well. I congratulate both parents as well, and pray that she never has to meet up with the type of situation I have found myself in.

I hold no grudge for anyone in my situation. I pray for all, especially that those who in one way or the other, were involved in my dilemma, may find peace in their souls.

I have no fear for the future. I am 65 years old and my husband is 74, and I feel my husband and I have served our country well. Our faith is as solid as a rock, and we know that our God is with us, and whatever He has planned for us, we shall accept with wide open arms, for there is no better Will on this earth than His Holy Will, for it is in God that we trust, and always will.


Gladys Mary Patricia Williams-Carty


*This letter was emailed to us on Wednesday after we published a special feature on Charity Sam – the recipient of the Board of Director’s Award at USM’s 18th commencement ceremony. Typically these letters are addressed to the editor, but we decided to publish it as written to highlight our colleague’s work.

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