Letter: Hope versus despair

POSTED: 06/14/12 12:13 PM

Dear Editor,

This election on French St. Martin is about hope verses despair. Despair means the loss of hope or hopelessness.

This election is one of the nastiest elections French St. Martin has ever seen. It includes racism, discrimination, witchcraft and deceitfulness. French St. Martin has gone to a new low. We are witnessing candidates going against one man in particular (Mr. Daniel Gibbs) and it is nasty. I am not going to hold back and watch hypocritical people like Louis Constant-Fleming who are supposed to be from the right joining with the left. It is clear he is a self-interested person and he has just destroyed his credibility.

I have heard complaints, especially in French Quarter, that some people were intimidated and told that they should be afraid if they do not vote for the socialist candidate of RRR. I am asking the French government to put French marshals by each polling station. St. Martin is still a democracy and every person has the right to vote for any party without any one being intimidated.

I am asking all Christians to vote on our St. Martin values and not for a party that says they are Christians but backs President Hollande, who loves breaking God’s law by promoting homosexuality. You owe it to God to vote for a party of values. Any party that fabricates lies against a fellow St. Martiner (Mr. Gibbs) is not worthy of your vote. A lying tongue is destructive to mankind. It is hypocritical for that party that is playing the racist card calling their opponent a white boy (Mr. Daniel Gibbs) and then asking the electorate to vote for them to enter into an assembly where the masses of people are white.

My people of St. Martin, we were never people that promoted racism and discrimination, distance yourself far from that RRR party that promotes racism and hatred of white people. Remember that most of our tourists come from the U.S.A and Europe. They are white people and that mentality can destroy us as a tourist destination. Racism against black or white is equally wrong, I hate it. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best: “Judge a man not by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.”

The big lie the socialist party RRR is telling the people is that Mr. Gibbs is going to cut the Caf. My people, do not be fooled. The social welfare is controlled by the state and not the Collectivité, so Mr. Daniel Gibbs cannot cut it even if he wanted to. And Mr. Daniel Gibbs never said so; it is the socialist party that is fabricating that story. The socialist party of RRR is the party that keeps people dependent and is vindictive if you oppose them; they believe in the socialist doctrine of shut your mouth and do as you are told.

Daniel Gibbs’ party is a party of inclusion for all people and always listens to see what people have to say and make their contribution. Gibbs’ party is a party of respect and agreeing to disagree while maintaining team spirit over personal interest. That is the party free of racism and discrimination where all people are welcome and respected as such.

Do not vote for despair which is RRR. Vote for hope and economic prosperity – the ideology of Daniel Gibbs. Vote for the best possible candidate for the job. That is Daniel Gibbs, a native St. Martin man and proud of it.

Yours truly

Miguel Arrindell

The Patriot

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