Letter: Genesis Chapter 1

POSTED: 02/20/12 12:55 PM

Dear Editor,

Nation building is a process and method that the builders have to use correctly for a country to be successful. The question is how a country should be built? The answer is the people.

Question number two is what must the people have in common for the country to function well? Pay keen attention. The people must first be of the same heritage, which will have most other common bonds such as culture, language, and national pastime. In the first principle our parliament has made a major blunder or a cataclysmic mistake. Country St. Maarten was put together without recognizing who are the native people of St. Maarten Heritage. That is why God said in the beginning (Genesis chapter 1). Without a beginning there is no process and there will be no end. It will be confusion. That is exactly what our government and entire parliament has done and continues to do. You cannot have 150 nationalities and cultures and expect a country to work.

Let me give you biblical proof of this. Genesis 11:1-9, God came to see their city and the tower they were building. He perceived their intentions, and in his infinite wisdom, he knew this “stairway to heaven” would only lead the people away from God. He noted the powerful force within their unity of purpose. As a result, God confused their language, causing them to speak different languages so they would not understand each other. By doing this, God thwarted their plans. He also scattered the people of the city all over the face of the earth. Notice what is said he noted the powerful force within their unity of purpose. That is exactly what St. Maarten needs and can never have thanks to our leaders who are destroying the very essence that is needed to function as country.

We have many foreigners speaking Spanish, patois, Creole, French, Dutch, English, Chinese, Hindi and many more, each rightfully preserving their heritage and customs. Guess which people are not being facilitated to preserve their own. It is we the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people. We do not have economic power, we do not have a strong preserving culture, and we are now a minority in numbers. Do you now see how we have become the least important to our government? That is why it is a must that we all must come together to survive in our homeland St. Maarten/St. Martin.

People like Claude Wathey, Theo Heyliger, William Marlin, Sarah Wescot-Williams, Roy Marlin, Roland Duncan, George Panthophlet and at present the entire parliament of St. Maarten who continues to not recognize the people of St. Maarten/St. Martin Heritage have betrayed you to extermination. Take this as a serious warning. If we do not get special privilege and protection, the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people will be extinct in 10 years from now. That is guaranteed. You do not have to like it, but it is still the truth. History should be recorded correctly. All the people that I called have done destruction to the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people of heritage.

Take notice my message is getting stronger because time for the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin heritage is coming to an end rapidly. Let this letter and the facts that exist present in St. Maarten/St. Martin be proof that the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin Heritage were warned. Feel free to ignore it. This letter will be your conviction and judgment when our extermination is reached.

The good book says speak now or forever hold your tongue. I choose to speak now while there is still time. Our parliament and government is the Pharaoh system and I, the patriot Miguel Arrindell, is the Moses that with the grace of God will break the Pharaoh system. The time for debating nonsense is over. It is time for us to establish concrete measures to defend the native St. Maarten/St. Martin people of heritage. We, the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin heritage, are already in revelation, because our genesis was never established. When the educated fools reach to the point of establishing and recognizing who is a St. Maartener they will have to go back to Genesis chapter 1 in the beginning.

The conclusion is you cannot have country without recognizing the genesis or the natives of the country. Educated fools (parliament of so called country St. Maarten) you have brought us to this country of massive confusion and as long you do not recognize the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin Heritage, this so called country St. Maarten will be destined to failure. Let me make myself crystal clear: Every native St. Maartener/St. Martiner will have to decide if he or she is a patriot or traitor to his or her country. Remember everything must start with the beginning which is Genesis chapter 1. We the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin Heritage will fight until death do us part with the heart of lion.

God bless the native people of St. Maarten/St. Martin.

Yours truly,

Miguel Arrindell

The patriot

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